Our Mission:

Windarring’s aim is to recycle & re-use unwanted clothing to give second hand clothing a new life.

Recycling clothing is extremely important to protect our environment and keep unwanted clothing out of landfill.


How do we do it?

Windarring have a number of clothing hubs across Bendigo, Castlemaine & Kyneton – where we collect unwanted clothing and bring them to their next chapter of life.

Our supported employees sort through all the clothing donated, and hand pick clothing for our Emporium Retail Stores to re-sell, pack some clothing into bales which then go to other Country’s such as Malaysia to be used there and collect clothing that can be used by our creative art team to sew into something unique.

Windarring use unwanted clothing that have been donated by upcycling the fabrics to create items such as bags, creating textile art works, & other upcycling projects. Windarring have gathered pieces of clothing that can be re-used such as pajamas, jumpers and shirts that were taken to our local hospital as spare clothing for those who need it.


Did you know??

  • The World is now purchasing around 60% MORE clothing than we were 15 years ago with a heavy increase of fast fashion. The clothing being purchased is now only being kept HALF as long.
  • 85% of all textiles end up at landfill every year according to the World Economic Forum. That is equivalent of one garbage truck of textiles being burned or going into landfill EVERY SECOND.
  • Up to 90% of these textiles ending up at landfill each year, could be recycled.



So…. What can YOU do about it?

  1.  Simply being aware. Being aware of the harmful effects of fast fashion on the environment is the first step in avoiding clothing from ending up in landfill.
  2. Shopping at Second Hand Stores to purchase preloved clothing.
  3. Give more wear into your clothing. If there is a hole, pull out the sewing needle and sew the hole.
  4. Donate unwanted clothing to your local Opportunity Store, do not ever throw clothing directly into the bin.
  5. Re-purpose old clothing – get creative with your old clothing by utilizing the fabrics to create something new.


Writer: Shae Desmond (ADE Team Leader – Kyneton & Castlemaine)


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